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how to import animated models and spawn them in realm crafter title image

How To Import Animated Models And Spawn Them In Realm Crafter

So, you’ve started a new Realm Crafter project and now you’re ready to start populating it with animals, NPCs, and monsters.  You’ll need a way to import animated 3D models into Realm Crafter, assign them textures, set up their animation set, and spawn them in your zones.

Realm Crafter GUE Beginners Guide: Make Your Own RPG title image

Realm Crafter GUE Beginners Guide: Make Your Own RPG

You want to get started making your own RPG with Realm Crafter 1.26.  All the features you need to get started are contained in the General Unified Editor, the GUE. It’s a big confusing mess, but don’t worry; I’m here to help you sort it out in this Realm Crafter GUE tutorial.

How To Set Up A Realm Crafter 1.26 Development Environment title image

How To Set Up A Realm Crafter 1.26 Development Environment

You have downloaded and installed Realm Crafter 1.26 and now you are ready to start making your own MMORPG games at home.  Here are some time-saving tips and trips for setting up a Realm Crafter 1.26 development environment to help speed up game production.

How To Run The Realm Crafter Server And Game Client On A Local Computer title image

How To Run The Realm Crafter Server And Game Client On A Local Computer

You have downloaded and installed Realm Crafter and you want to move around in the virtual world but don't know how to get started. In this video, you will learn how to run the Realm Crafter server and game client on a local computer.

how to download and install realm crafter 1.26 the mmorpg maker for hobbyists

How To Download And Install Realm Crafter 1.26

Have you ever wanted to make your own MMORPG that you could share with friends and play over a network or the internet?  Take a look at this MMORPG maker from 2005: Realm Crafter 1.26. 

cosmic drifter character sheet and skills list using rpg maker mv

Character Sheet And Background Skills: Cosmic Drifter

Part 3 of the Making Cosmic Drifter series.  In this article, I will cover the Character Sheet and Background Skills as well as the RPG Maker plugins I used to support non-random character generation.

making cosmic drifter - monsters and npcs - title image

Animated Monsters & Interactive NPCs: Cosmic Drifter

In Part 2 of my series, The Making Of Cosmic Drifter, we add support for animated monsters and add NPCs that you can chat with to learn about the game in the Starter Zone.

The Making Of Cosmic Drifter: A Traveller-Inspired Video Game title image

The Making Of Cosmic Drifter: A Traveller RPG-Inspired Video Game

Have you ever wanted to play a certain kind of game but couldn't find just the right thing?  Why not make your own computer RPG? In this series of articles, I will chart my progress in creating my own sci-fi computer RPG.

gamer survey - what your your favorite computer RPG features

Gaming Survey: Favorite Computer RPG Features

Modern computer RPGs offer many different options and features that help create more enjoyable gameplay.  What are YOUR favorite computer RPG features?

gaming survey - dying outside the starter zone

Gaming Survey: Character Death In Computer RPGs

Death - it can be a hassle or it can be exhilarating when playing a computer RPG.  What do you think about death in your games?  Should there be a penalty for dying outside the Starter Zone?


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