• Core Game Engine Review

    Do you like to play and socialize in 3D multiplayer gamesDo you like free stuff?  Have you ever wanted to make your own 3D game but don't have the skills?  Check out my Core Game Engine Review.

  • Core Game Engine Review: Cookie Miner

    Check out the Core Game Engine Review of Cookie Miner, a cute game about making cookies and using them as currency to buy upgrades that help you make more cookies!

  • Core Game Engine Review: Heroes

    Looking for a hero?  Want to be a villain? In this Core Game Engine Review, we'll explore the MMORPG world of Heroes, where you choose your path as a crime-fighting hero or an evil-doing villain!

  • Core Game Engine Review: Legend Of Corinthia

    In this Core Game Engine Review, we'll study Legend Of Corinthia, an MMORPG made by a husband and wife team!  Explore the world, learn the lore, fight enemies, gather resources, buy a pet, and craft

  • Core Game Engine Review: Minigolf Space

    Remember the good ole days of playing putt-putt mini golf as a kid?  In this Core Game Engine Review, we check out multiplayer Minigolf, Space edition! Eighteen holes of 3D fun!

  • Core Game Engine Review: Online Pirate

    Have you ever wanted to play a 3D pirate game? In this Core Game Engine Review of Online Pirate, we'll find out more about living the life of a virtual pirate, digging up treasure, and sailing the virtual seas!

  • Core Game Engine Review: Spaceport Tycoon

    Looking for a first-person shooter with resource collection and base-building?  Check out this Core Game Engine review of Spaceport Tycoon.  Gather resources, build your base, and launch your money

  • Core Game Engine Review: The Death Wall

    In this Core Game Engine Review, we'll study The Death Wall!  Running down a hallway grabbing pearls sounds easy, right?  WRONG!  There's a giant sliding wall the sweeps down the hallway,

  • Core Game Engine Review: The Last Soul

    The second in our series of Core Game Engine Reviews on MMORPGs.  The Last Soul is a fantasy MMORPG where you take quests, fight enemies and purchase equipment. Is it worth playing?  Check out my review!


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