Core Game Dev - The Crucible Dungeon Crawler

Core Game Dev: The Crucible - A Dungeon Crawler

Are you looking for an old-school dungeon crawler to raid with your friends?  Check out my Core Game Devlog detailing the production of The Crucible.

The Dungeon-Delver's Guide To The Crucible

The Crucible is a dungeon-crawler in the tradition of games like Gauntlet, Dungeon Master, and Legend of Grimrock.

Players advance through a complex dungeon, seeking the exit while defeating enemies, searching for secrets, collecting treasure, and upgrading weapons.


The Crucible- An Online Adventure

The Mad Wizard Zorlock has imprisoned you in a dungeon known as "The Crucible", outside of time and space.

Zorlock wants to see if anybody is clever enough to beat his dungeon and escape.

Meanwhile, Zorlock enjoys tormenting adventurers and draining them of their gold.

Will you survive all the levels and escape The Crucible?


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The Crucible - An old-school dungeon delve

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How To Play

DELVE - Try to find your way out of the dungeon - the only way is down!
COOPERATE - Increase your chances by joining friends and sharing health pickups.
COMPETE - Get the most kills and grab enough gold to upgrade your weapons.
SMASH - Destroy crates and barrels for hidden surprises.
SEARCH - Find secret doors, and learn lore that will help you through the dungeon.


System Requirements

You will need a FREE account on the Core Metaverse platform.

Minimum System Requirements

CPU: Intel Core i5-7400 or AMD equivalent
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti or AMD equivalent
OS: Windows 10 64-bit

Recommended System Requirements

CPU: Intel Core i5-7400 or AMD equivalent
RAM: 16 GB
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti or AMD equivalent
OS: Windows 10 64-bit


Basic Controls

Move- W, A, S, D

Jump: Space

Look- Mouse

Attack- Left Mouse Button

Interact- F

Chat- Enter


Resurrection Shrines

resurrection shrine

If you get killed in the dungeon you will revive at the level's Resurrection Shrine.

Resurrection Shrines act as checkpoints and are normally located near the entrance to each dungeon level, but larger dungeon levels might have multiple Checkpoints.



Food restores health in fixed increments.  Food is picked up and consumed the moment it is touched, so be careful to leave it for injured friends if you are already healthy.

 carrot Carrot
+ 10 Health
 apple Apple
+ 20 Health
 cheese Cheese
+ 40 Health
 turkey leg Turkey Leg
+ 60 Health
 ale Ale
+ 80 Health
 turkey Roast Turkey
+ 100 Health

Locked Gates

locked gates

Some gates are locked; use keys to open gates.

Be careful!  If you die or leave the game, you will drop your keys and other players can pick them up!


Secret Doors

secret doors

Search carefully and you may find hidden switches that open secret doors that reveal new areas, treasures, and clues!

Switches will light up when you get close enough to notice them.

Activate them by moving closer and interacting with them.




Potions restore health in percentages.  Potions are picked up and consumed the moment they are touched, so be careful to leave them for injured friends if you are already healthy.

Minor Health Potion- Restores health to 50%

Major Health Potion - Restores health to 100%



Scrolls restore health to all players within range.  Scrolls are picked up and consumed the moment they are touched.

Minor Health Scroll- Restores health to 50% for all players within range.

Major Health Scroll- Restores health to 100% for all players within range.



Level 1 (complete)- The Haunted Keep: Mysterious lights and noises are coming from the ruins of the abandoned keep on the hill.  What secrets are held in the keep?

Level 2 (complete)- The Necromancer's Lair: (enter through the sewer grate from Level 1: The Haunted Keep) Skeletons are said to roam in the catacombs of the Ancient Crypts. What has disturbed them from resting in peace?

Level 3(under development)- The Putrid Park:  Molds, slimes, and mushrooms make their homes upon the rotting remains of previous adventurers who failed to defeat The Crucible.

Level 4 - ???

Level 5 - ???



There are a variety of nasty creatures that make their homes in the dungeon.  This is a small sample of beasts that you might find on your adventures.

Bandit (Human, Level 1-3):  Bandits are evil humans who prey on the weak and take what belongs to others.  They are armed with a variety of stolen weapons.

Cultist (Human, Level 1-5): Cultists are religious zealots who follow their leader unquestioningly.

Enchanted Items (Construct, Level 1-5):  Enchanted items are inanimate objects, brought to life by a powerful wizard.  Their sole purpose is to defend the wizard and his property.

Skeletons (Undead, Level 1-5): The re-animated bones of fallen warriors, commanded by evil wizards or clerics.

Slime (Myconid, Level 1-5):  Slimes are a form of aggressive, mold-based lifeform.


Game Profile

GAME NAME: The Crucible
PLAYER COUNT: 1-4 Players, 4 is best
CORE VERSION: 1.0.276-prod-s
GAME VERSION: v1.0.117
GAME LINK: The Crucible (on Core)

The Crucible is a dungeon crawl/raid for up to 4 players in the tradition of old-school games like Gauntlet, Dungeon Master, and Legend of Grimrock.

- In-game store between levels to outfit for the upcoming adventure.


(Weapons Update: YouTube Livestream)

- Added Tier-1 weapons (lvl 1-10): Bronze-Shod Quarterstaves
- Added Tier-2 weapons (lvl 11-20): Iron Swords
- Color-coded the weapon trim to indicate rarity



- Added damage display for the currently equipped weapon.


- Added food to the Store
- Changed the name of the game to The Crucible


- Scenery upgrade
- UI Upgrade
- AI Upgrade

- Added a Boss to the Necromancer's Lair: Necromancer's Champion

- Added a ladder back up to the Haunted Keep from the Necromancer's Lair
- Added a store on the 3rd level
- Overhauled all the mobs for more accurate combat modeling
- Weapons now carry over from previous game session


- Added all health pickups to Level 2 - The Necromancer's Lair

- Color-coded object outline:

  • Yellow: Treasure
  • Green: Health
  • Blue: Interactive Item
  • Red: Poison Food

- Fixed a bug where health packs would heal you above MaxHealth

- Added secret door to Level 1
- Increased Ambient Light
- Changed how interactable objects behave
- Fixed a bug where the health pickup would not get used up if you picked it up with no damage to your HP

- Added a feature that outlines objects of interest when the player gets close
- Re-built the loot and health pickups with the new object highlighter
- Re-built the Moon Altar on Level 1 with the new Interactable Object Template
- Updated lore on the Moon Altar

- Reduced the hit points on the level 1 monsters to make them easier to kill

Level 1 Updates:
- Added interactive bookcase
- Added health pickup (cheese), restores 30 health

- Added new area: Level 2 (unpopulated), access the new area by climbing down the sewer grate.

- Upgrade the interactable system
- Changed text on examining the Altar
- Changed text on examining the sewer grate

- Added the ability to Inspect items of interest

- Added gettable chests

- Added more mobs
- Added the Altar of the Moon
- Added a subtle spotlight to highlight the grate in room 4
- Various small improvements

- added a shrine and beds for the bunkroom
- set the sewer grate check to see if the Bronze Key NFT is in my collection


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