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RPG Maker Game Development Log #7: Adding Equipment Sets & Bonuses title

RPG Maker Game Development Log #7: Adding Equipment Sets & Bonuses

I want to create equipment sets for my game that would impart extra bonuses when equipped together.  In this article, I'll talk about how I added equipment sets and bonuses to my game and which plugins I used.

New Feature: Equipment Set Bonuses

I want users to be able to form sets out of collections of gear.  This is a common feature in RPG and adventure games. 

I want players to be able to acquire additional bonuses from equipping multiple parts of an equipment set.

I'll be using two Visustella plugins to help me with this:

  • Skill States Core - This plugin upgrades the RPG Maker core Skill States files, fixes bugs, and adds additional features for quality of life enhancements.  This plugin is required for the Equipment Set Bonuses plugin to work.
  • Equipment Set Bonuses - This plugin allows me to set up which pieces of the equipment belong to which sets and lets me change bonuses for equipping multiple pieces of a set.

Using these two plugins, I hope to achieve my goal of having equipment sets for Medics, Miners, Marines, Civilians, and more.


Adding Equipment Sets and Bonuses

I want to create a set of Miner's gear that imparts a bonus if you have 2 of the 3 pieces, and another bonus if you have all 3 pieces.

I have created the following items:

  1. Miner's Vac Suit
  2. Miner's Vac Helmet
  3. Laser Pistol

These will form my test equipment set.

The first thing I have to do is go into the EquipSetBonuses plugin and set up my first Equipment Set.

I created a set called "Full Miner Vac Suit" in the Equipment Sets section. 

I gave it a 2-piece bonus of +5 HP

I gave it a 3-piece bonus of +5 HP

That means the player should get +10 HP when equipping all 3 pieces.

Setting Up Equipment Setsname tag rpg maker mz


Setting Up Equipment Set Bonusesname tag rpg maker mz


Adding Items to a Set

Now that the sets have been created and their bonuses defined, all we need to do is tag which items go to which sets.

This is done by adding <Equip Set: Full Miner Vac Suit> to the Note area of each item in the set.

Items can belong to more than one set, just stack the <Equip Set: (name)> tags.


Adding Items to an Equipment Setname tag rpg maker mz


Let's give it a test...

Wonderful!  It worked! 

Miner Full Vac Suit Set Bonusesname tag rpg maker mz


Now, when a character equips the Miner Vac Suit, the Miner Vac Helmet, and a Laser Pistol, they get an extra bonus of +10 HP.

That was so easy- thanks to Visustella's great plugins.  These are HUGE time-savers and well worth the money if you are going to do any RPG Maker development.

Well, that's all for today's Game Dev Log update.  We now have working Equipment Sets!


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