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rpg maker game development dev log 6 adding internet links

RPG Maker Game Development Log #6: Adding Internet Links

I want to place links to my website, Discord, and Patreon pages on the Title Screen, and provide in-game links to the game's wiki.  In this article, I will show you how I added these external link features to my game.

New Feature: Linking to External Pages

It would be helpful for users to be able to connect to the game's website, my Patreon page, and my Discord server.

I also want a way for the player to link to an external wiki where they can find out more about the game using an in-game link, perhaps with a "pocket computer" or "library terminal".

I'll be using a Visustella plugin to help me with this:

  • Core Engine - This plugin upgrades the RPG Maker core files, fixes bugs, and adds additional features and quality of life enhancements.

This plugin has a TON of features that enhance the basic RPG Maker MZ installation.


Adding Internet Links to the Title Screen

I want to be able to put three links on the Title Screen:

  • A link to the game's Home Page
  • A link to the game's Discord server
  • A link to my Patreon server

Down the line, I may replace one of those with a link to the Kickstarter, if the project ever gets to that point.

Adding the links is easy - go to the Core Engine plugin and look for the Title Picture Buttons.

External Link Settingsname tag rpg maker mz


External Link Position Detailsname tag rpg maker mz


After adding a few entries, we end up with this:

External Links on Title Screenname tag rpg maker mz



Now players can find ways to join the community and find support.


Adding Internet Links In-Game

I think it might be cool to be able to link out from the game to the help docs or the Wiki.

Maybe there could be a computer terminal, or your personal comms unit in the game that would let you connect to a database of items from the game, or monsters, or ships.

Could be a way to access the Encyclopedia Galactica?

This can be achieved using the Visustella Core Engine plugin as well. 

Simply use the scripting plugin command, Game: Open Url

Adding External Linksname tag rpg maker mz


Yay!  Now we have a way for players to connect to support sites directly from the Title Screen, and we have a way to launch external links in-game through dialogs or other event handlers.

Well, that's all for today's Game Dev Log update.  We've accomplished a lot!


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Your Turn.  What Do You Do?

How would you use the ability to link to external web pages from your game?

Share with us in the Comments section below. I'm interested in clever ways to use external links.


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