Do you want to make your own RPG

Learn tips and tricks that help you create your own RPGs.

Build a a tabletop RPG from scratch using traditional pen and paper,
or make your own RPG video games you can share or play online with friends.

make your own tabletop rpg

Make Your Own Tabletop RPG

Want to make your own tabletop RPG?

Creating your own tabletop RPG (tt RPG) isn't easy.  It takes a lot of planning and thought.

However, building your own pen and paper tabletop RPG can be a rewarding, satisfying, and fun hobby.

This site explores concepts and best practices of the most popular tabletop RPGs to help guide you when making your own tabletop RPG.

Tabletop RPG Topics

We study numerous RPG topics, including races, classes, attributes, skills, abilities, character advancement, rules, and game design.

A well-defined RPG rules systems can breathe life into both tabletop and computer RPG games as well.

RPG Attributes

Get RPG stat ideas.  Define the RPG attribute system for characters in your game.

RPG Abilities

Many games use RPG ability scores to indicate prowess in a variety of special abilities.

Skill Based RPGs

Games with skill trees or skill leveling are popular, especially in fantasy RPG games.

Character Advancement

How will characters advance in your RPG?  Experience Points (XP) is a common solution.

Class Based RPGs

Class based RPG games are the oldest type of RPG game. D&D uses classes extensively.

Rules & Game Design

Make your own tabletop RPG rules.  Start with simple RPG rules and go from there.

Make Your Own RPG Video Game

Have you always wanted to make your own RPG video game and share it with friends on PC, Mac, Android, iOS, or on a web page?

We explore a variety of tools for creating your own computer RPG that you can share online or even play with other friends MMORPG-style.

We examine the strengths and weaknesses of various RPG development tools to determine which is best for different RPG applications.

We teach you to develop workflows to shorten development time and rapidly prototype our ideas for testing.

Create farms, mines, forests, and other natural resources for players to harvest or use in crafting and construction.

Make items, spells, weapons, and armor.  Create enemies to fight and puzzles to challenge your players.

make your own rpg video game with rpg maker
make your own rpg video game with game guru max

Computer RPG Topics

Tabletop roleplaying depends on the imagination of the players and the Game Master (GM), but computer RPGs need pre-defined ways for players to interact with the world and its contents.  Most computer RPGs have these topics in common: characters, monsters, shops, items, quests, combat, maps, treasure, crafting, and puzzles.  These elements join together to create an interactive and compelling RPG world for your players to explore.

Characters & Monsters

Use an RPG character creator to make characters and monsters to oppose them.

Shops & Items

Build unique items, weapons, and armor.  Create vendor shops to buy and sell items.


Create an RPG magic system in your game. Make spells to help magic users in your game.


Players can craft their own in-game items from raw materials and recipes to use or to sell.

Treasure & Economy

What kinds of treasures and drops will you have? How are items and resources valued?


Find quick ways to create compelling, detailed RPG maps for your players to explore.


Create your own RPG quests and track quest progression, from epic storylines to side quests.


Make your RPG combat as rich or as plain as you like. From simple to complex; it's up to you.

Traps & Puzzles

Create vexing puzzles and clever traps to challenge your RPG players.

I've been wanting to make my pen and paper tabletop RPG since I was a kid, but I didn't know where to start.  Thanks to this website, I am getting back to my dream, getting my old notes out, and moving forward.  Thanks for your help!


Make your own RPG in your spare time with minimal skills.

Join me on my journey to create my own RPGs to play online or share with my friends.

I'm an RPG maker and game designer who builds tabletop and electronic RPGs for fun in my spare time.

Contact me if you have questions or suggestions.

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