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Core Game Engine Review

Core Game Engine Review

Do you like to play and socialize in 3D multiplayer gamesDo you like free stuff?  Have you ever wanted to make your own 3D game but don't have the skills?  Check out my Core Game Engine Review.


Hello and welcome!

I’m CyborgPrime from and CyborgPrime Games and in this article, I am going to review the Core Game Engine to see if it is worth exploring as an Indie game developer.

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Now, let’s get started with the Core Game Engine review!

What Engine Does Core Games Use?

The Core Game Engine is built on top of the Unreal Engine. 

Once users download the Core Client they will be able to join a virtual world full of free 3D games. 

Join with friends and play multiplayer games from all kinds of genres, from first-person shooters to fantasy MMORPGs, battle royales, simulators, team deathmatch, management games, and more.

Is Core A Good Game Engine?

Core has the benefit of running on Unreal Engine, this gives Core a state of the art, AAA gaming experience out of the box.  The speed and reliability of Unreal Engine are combined with a construction kit that makes 3D game development vastly easier and faster, opening up User Generated Content possibilities.

Core provides everything a creator needs to build their own 3D game from scratch, or by using one of Core’s many game templates. 

Creators can build the game of their dreams, collaborate with others, market, publish, scale, monetize, and optimize AAA-quality multiplayer games.  One program provides everything you need, end-to-end.

Core provides a huge amount of free assets.  In addition to the vast object library provided by Core, users share their creations in a gigantic library of free content.  You can find objects, scenes, assets, open-source games, and even game frameworks.  There are tens of thousands of user-created assets in this library.

Core games can be created by people with little or no technical experience.  No code is necessary to get started, but if you are familiar with programming you can expand Core using Lua scripts.

You don’t need 3D modeling experience either, you can kitbash pretty much anything using existing Core assets, 3D primitives, and materials.

The Core Creator is a full-featured 3D game authoring tool that creators can use to easily create scenes, objects, weather, and other assets. 

Creators can make changes in the Core Creator and test them in real-time.  Don’t like something?  Make adjustments and try it again.  You can iterate so fast in Core, you will be able to prototype in record time.

Once a game is ready, a single click shares your game for others to join and enjoy.

Can You Make Money From Core?

As A Creator- Once a game reaches a certain level of popularity, the Creator can opt to monetize their game, granting Core a license to host it.

Players use real money to purchase Core Perks.  Creators can use Perks to sell in-game cosmetics and vanity items, IAPs, passes, memberships, premium content, or subscriptions.  Earn Core Perks and share game revenue 50/50 with Core. 

As An Affiliate- If you stream or make videos of Core you can qualify as a Core Affiliate and generate income.

Depending on the number of views on your Core video content, you can earn a cash reward every month and even receive awesome bonus swag.  You will also get some status items such as specialty avatars and more.

Outstanding and notable affiliates may also be promoted on Official Core channels and be sponsored for events and prizes.

These affiliates are invited to participate in tournaments, game jams, promotional prizes, and more.

You will also earn $3 per first play session of new account referrals, and if you refer other content creators, you can earn an additional $50.

Core provides a way for video game developers as well as YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch content creators to earn some revenue from their efforts promoting the Core Game Engine.

What Is Core Game Maker?

All installations of Core include the Core Maker which creators can use to develop 3D multiplayer video games without using additional programs or plugins.

Using an extensive library of built-in sounds, materials, scripts, objects, and other assets, creators can kitbash anything they need for their game. 

Additionally, creators can access a library of free, user-created content.

If you can’t find what you want already made, you can construct pretty much anything you want from the built-in selection of Core’s 3D primitives and materials.

The Core Game Maker is an easy-to-use, game-making construction kit.  The interface is intuitive, drag and drop, and allows you to configure your workspace however you want to maximize your workflow.

Every object has a list of properties that can be edited for customization, and programming can be done in Lua if required.

Is Core Owned By Epic?

Epic made a 15 million investment in Manticore Games in support of the Core Game Engine in hopes of creating the next generation Metaverse.

Is Core Better Than Roblox?

Core has AAA graphics, way better graphics than Roblox and the creator revenue-share arrangement is better as well.

Don’t get me wrong: Platforms like Roblox and Second Life formed the foundation of what is possible with Core.  Those programs paved the way for something like the Core platform to eventually evolve.

Core provides everything you need to create and experience the next-generation 3D metaverse.

What Is The Size Of Core Game Engine?

The Core Game Client is quite small and can be run on most standard gamer PCs.

  • Core Game Engine Download Size: 5GB
  • Core Game Engine Client RAM: 2GB

You can find out more here:
Core Game Engine Download Size: How Much Space Will It Take?

Core Game Engine System Requirements: Can I Enter The Metaverse?

Core Game Engine Download: How To Download The Core Game Engine FREE

The Bottom Line: Is Core Good?

The Core Game Engine represents a serious attempt to create the next generation of user-generated Metaverse.

Core is a free game client and authoring system rolled into one platform taking up only 2GB of RAM and 5GB of hard drive space.

The Core Game Engine is built on the Unreal Engine, so users of the platform can take advantage of AAA graphics to create their own games.

Programming is not needed, the Core Maker includes pre-made frameworks for several popular game genres, such as Dungeon Crawl, Deathmatch, Battle Royale, King of the Hill, Capture the  Flag, and more.

If you do need to customize your game beyond what the frameworks provide you can either start from scratch or modify one of the frameworks using your own code written in the popular Lua scripting language.

You can then share your game privately with friends or make it public so people all around the world can join. 

If your game reaches a certain level of popularity, you can become a Core Creator and do a 50/50 revenue share with Core by monetizing your game.

If you aren't a game developer, you can also make income from Core as an advocate affiliate through your YouTube, Twitch, or TikTok channels.

Your Turn. What Do You Do?

What do you think of the Core Game Engine platform?  Have you made anything?  Have you played any great games?  Is there something you really like?  Is there something that frustrates you?

Tell me about it in the Comments Section.  I'm interested in your Core Game Engine review.


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