Core Game Engine Review: Heroes

Core Game Engine Review: Heroes

Looking for a hero?  Want to be a villain? In this Core Game Engine Review, we'll explore the MMORPG world of Heroes, where you choose your path as a crime-fighting hero or an evil-doing villain!


Hello and welcome!

I’m CyborgPrime from and CyborgPrime Games and in this article, I am going to review Heroes, a free game for Core Game Engine.

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Now, let’s get started with this Core Game Engine review!

What Is Heroes About?

core engine review heroes home screen

Heroes is a modern-day superhero MMORPG.

Decide whether you will be good or evil and use your superpowers to vanquish your enemies!


Heroes Controls

core game engine review heroes title screen

The controls are the standard move and jump controls.

Additional moves are reflected in the action bar at the bottom of the screen.

Your attacks change depending on the type of superpower you have equipped.

core game engine review heroes - park can be sketchy at night

Armor pieces and weapons are shown on your avatar when equipped.  Here I am with a helm and some shoulder pads.  I'm armed with the basic sword.

The money and gems you collected are noted at the top of the screen.

Heroes Environment

core game engine review heroes giant golden statue

The city looks good and there is a day and night cycle.

Unfortunately, the city looks abandoned.  The only people moving are the players and there have never been more than one or two other players in the city besides me.

You can find some crime-fighting action in the sketchy park after dark (or any time).

core engine review heroes night time in the sketchy park


What They Did Right

The first missions are laid out for you.  You get this nice ribbon showing you where to go (a-la Donie Darko).

You get to take a tour of the city and see all the features.

Decent starting tutorial.

A good framework for future development.

What Could Be Improved

It wasn't obvious why I was getting my ass handed to me in the park.  Then I realized I could go to the gym and hit the punching bags for XP.  After leveling up a few times I was ready to take on the punks in the park.

The enemy spawn points spawned things that always wanted to kill me.  One spawned police that started shooting at me even though I was on the Hero side.

The city is dead and empty.  In addition to players running around, a city needs car traffic and pedestrians going about their business.  This game needs something to liven up the city.

Apparently, your superpowers are chosen by random roll.  I didn't like that mechanic.  I suppose you could keep buying rerolls until you got the powers you like, but you have to buy a few spins to even see what types of powers are available.

Is Heroes Any Good?

Heroes is a decent start for a superhero game, it just needs more ambient movement of people and traffic through the city.

There were a few people playing when I was on, but nothing was really going on.

I can't wait to see where the dev goes with this game - it has a lot of potential.


Heroes Game Stats

Creator: Eskil

Game Type: Modern Superhero MMORPG

Number Of Players: 8

Total Played: 1,044,978

Likes: 16,102

Disikes: 2,114

Play Now: Play Core Game Engine: Heroes


Your Turn. What Do You Do?

What do you think about Heroes?  What did they do good?  What could they improve on?

Tell me about it in the Comments Section.  I'm interested in your review of Heroes.


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