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Core Game Engine Download Size: How Much Space Will It Take?

Core Game Engine Download Size: How Much Space Will It Take?

Wondering about the Core Game Engine Download Size?  Want to make sure you have enough room to join the Manticore Metaverse?  In this article, we'll find out how big the Core Game Engine is.


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I’m CyborgPrime from and CyborgPrime Games and in this article, we are going to have a look at the Core Game Engine download size and see what it takes for a full Core Game Engine Download.

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Let’s get started and see if we can find out what the Core Game Engine Download size is!

Core Game Engine Download Size

The first thing to do is to download the Installation Client.

See my previous article “Core Game Engine Download” for details.  I recommend downloading using the Epic Games option because you get a bunch of free starter swag.

 core game engine download size

After running the installer you'll see it completed but did not auto-launch the updater.

You should find a shortcut to the launcher on your desktop.

After launching the Core Installation Client, we can see the Core Game Engine Download size is 4.75 GB.

The installation files uncompress to be 5.1 GB.

If you opted for the Epic Games installation, your installation will be slightly bigger due to the additional Core Assets you get as a prize for signing up the additional download size is inconsequential.

Don't Forget To Activate Your Core Game Engine Account

When you activate the download you will be prompted to create a Core Account.  You can create a stand-alone account or link it to your Google or Facebook account.

core game engine sign up page


Your Turn. What Do You Do?

What do you think of the installation size for the basic Core Game Engine?  Is 5GB too big, too small, or just right?

Tell me about it in the Comments Section.  I'm interested in what you think about the Core Game Engine download size.


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