Core Game Engine Review: Legend Of Corinthia

Core Game Engine Review: Legend Of Corinthia

In this Core Game Engine Review, we'll study Legend Of Corinthia, an MMORPG made by a husband and wife team!  Explore the world, learn the lore, fight enemies, gather resources, buy a pet, and craft items.


Hello and welcome!

I’m CyborgPrime from and CyborgPrime Games and in this article, I am going to review a fun little game called Legend Of Corinthia, a free game for Core Game Engine.

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Now, let’s get started with this Core Game Engine review!

What Is Legend Of Corinthia About?

core game engine review legend of corinthia mmorpg title screen

The Legend Of Corinthia is a fantasy MMORPG.

Complete quests, fight enemies, gather resources, and craft items as you uncover the lore of the land of Corinthia.


Legend Of Corinthia Controls

core game engine review legend of corinthia instructions

The controls are the standard move and jump controls.

Additional moves are reflected in the action bar at the bottom of the screen.

Your attacks change depending on the type of weapon you have equipped.

core game engine review legend of corinthia avatar with items equipped

Armor pieces and weapons are shown on your avatar when equipped.  Here I am with a bucket as a helm and some shoulder pads I found.

Additional control panels are listed on the sidebar which gives you access to more detailed information, such as what's in your inventory, lore you have picked up along the way, and other useful bits of information.

The money and resources you collected are noted in the bottom right.

Legend Of Corinthia Environment

core game engine review legend of corinthia environment fort

The world is quite rich in content.  You can go outside the fort, explore the forest, find the caverns, fight monsters, gather resources, and find bits of lore along the way.

The monsters pursue you, hazards range from bandits and brigands to forest golems and dragonlings.


What They Did Right

I like how the quests tracker works.  I like how the quests are marked on the compass so you know where to go next.

This game has all the basics required for an RPG.  There is an inventory, pets, weapons, armor, crafting, and exploration.

The Lore system is pretty cool.  It gives you a stacking list of people, places, and things to learn about if you care to.


What Could Be Improved

I only have a few small complaints.

I had a hard time realizing that I could toggle out of combat mode using the ALT key.  Of course, reading the guide or just paying attention to the screen would have helped me LOL.

The inventory seemed a little wonky.  When I equip an item, the Equip button doesn't change state, so I have no idea what I am wearing or armed with until I close the inventory window.

There is also not an easy way to compare two weapons, so you have to bounce around all these tabs to find items and then bounce back and forth between items to compare them.  It would be nice if there was an easier way.

There was an area behind a big forcefield. I'm not sure why it was blocked off - if it is under development or if there is something I had to do to open that area up.


Is Legend Of Corinthia Any Good?

I did enjoy this game - I was surprised to find two underground places.  There's a lot to explore.

The creators obviously put a lot of work into this and have done a great job.  I can't way to see where they go with this; I wish them the very best!


Legend Of Corinthia Game Stats

Creator: Datonare

Game Type: Fantasy MMORPG

Number Of Players: Up to 6

Total Played: 92,147

Likes: 2,328

Play Now: Play Core Game Engine: Legend Of Corinthia


Your Turn. What Do You Do?

What do you think about The Legend Of Corinthia?  What did they do good?  What could they improve on?

Tell me about it in the Comments Section.  I'm interested in your review of The Legend Of Corinthia.


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