Core Game Engine Review: Online Pirate

Core Game Engine Review: Online Pirate

Have you ever wanted to play a 3D pirate game? In this Core Game Engine Review of Online Pirate, we'll find out more about living the life of a virtual pirate, digging up treasure, and sailing the virtual seas!


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I’m CyborgPrime from and CyborgPrime Games and in this article, I am going to review Online Pirate, a free game for Core Game Engine.

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What Is Online Pirate About?

online pirate title screen

Online Pirate is a multi-player pirate MMORPG.

In Online Pirate, you Do quests, fight enemies, search for buried treasure, explore the seas, and upgrade your ship.

Online Pirate is a very basic game at this point, without much depth.

All the areas need further development but the game is playable as-is.

Players can form groups and adventure together, ride in each other's ships, and heal each other.

The game is playable solo as well. 

No matter which way you choose, it's a grind.  There are only a few missions at each of the main islands so you have to do a lot of grinding to level up.


online pirate character

You show up as your regular Core Avatar but you can get pirate costumes.

The starter area has everything you need to begin your life as a pirate.

You'll be using the X key to toggle in and out of the menu, where you can adjust your stats when you level up, equip weapons, and more.

Pirate Quests

online pirate quest

Find a quest-giver and do the first quest.  You will end up with a sack in your inventory.  You can sell the sack at the shop and save the money for another quest where you must purchase something.

Don't buy anything until after you complete the shop quest.

The Shop

online pirate shop

The shop is where you can purchase ships, weapons, and equipment to help you with your piratin'.

Items are restricted by level and purchase price, so make sure you have enough gold AND level to acquire the item.

You can sell items back to the store.

What About A Pirate Ship?

online pirate launching ship

No pirate is worth his salt without a ship to sail!  In Online Pirate you can purchase a pirate ship (starting with a rowboat) and upgrade as you level up your character.

Launch your boat from any of the Port Anchor markers on the pier.

You'll have to jump off the pier and land in your boat, if you miss you can swim around and climb in.

Once aboard your ship, move it the same way you steer your character.

What They Did Right

This seems to be a good "minimum viable product".  The developers have made a very decent framework to start expanding from. 

I like spawning my boat, upgrading it, and sailing it around.

What Could Be Improved

Needs more instructions or in-game lore.

It's not clear what "recruiting" pirates does.

It's not clear if your ship has weapons, how to use them, or if it's even possible to attack other ships.

The pirates on the islands just stand around idling until you attack them.

Is Online Pirate Any Good?

Online Pirate is a very promising idea. 

It could benefit from more development, but it already has a lot of content and I can't wait to see where the developer goes with this.

Bring a friend to explore the world or go solo.

Online Pirate Game Stats

Game Type: Pirate MMORPG

Number Of Players: Unknown instance capacity

Plays: 142,000

Likes: 949

Play Core Game Engine: Online Pirate


Your Turn. What Do You Do?

What do you think about Online Pirate?  What did they do good?  What could they improve on?

Tell me about it in the Comments Section.  I'm interested in your review of Online Pirate.


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