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Running The Realm Crafter Server And Connecting Clients: How To Set Up A Realm Crafter Server On AWS Lightsail Hosting- Pt 5 title image

Running The Realm Crafter Server And Connecting Clients: How To Set Up A Realm Crafter Server On AWS Lightsail Hosting- Pt 5

You've set up the AWS Lightsail server, updated software, shared your local drive, and opened the firewalls.  You're ready to host your Realm Crafter Server and connect Game Clients and I'll show you how in the last of this multipart series!

Run The Realm Crafter Server

how to set up realm crafter server on azure part 5 running the server and client

If you have been following this series you are ready to transfer the Realm Crafter Server to the remote server and host Realm Crafter Game Client connections.

On your local workstation:

  1. Open the GUE.
  2. Make a full Client.
  3. Make a full Server.
  4. Zip the Server folder (right-click> send to> Zip) and copy it over to your shared drive.

From the Remote Server:

  1. If you are running the Test Server from a previous step, close that program and delete it from the desktop.
  2. Copy the Server zip file to the desktop and decompress it (right-click> Extract All).
  3. Run the Realm Crafter Server and unlock it.

Run The Realm Crafter Game Client

The Server is ready for players to connect.

From any workstation connected to the internet:

  • Run the Realm Crafter Game Client.

If you were successful, you will see the CONNECTED message in the game client.


You now have an inexpensive AWS Lightsail virtual server of your own where you can host your Realm Crafter games.

Want To Make Your Own MMORPG?

You can make a game for friends and family.  With a little extra work, maybe make it a commercial enterprise.

Grab A Free Copy Of Realm Crafter Here ( Store)


Your Turn. What Do You Do?

Were you successful in creating your own AWS Lightsail virtual server and running the Realm Crafter server?  Did you run into trouble?

Tell me about it in the Comments Section.  I'm interested in helping you get your server working.


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