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RPG Maker Game Development Log #10: Adding Custom Terms and Types

RPG Maker Game Development Log #10: Adding Custom Terms and Types

In this article, I'll talk about how I customize my game by changing the Terms used for different game messages and how I make my own Damage Types and Item Types

Customizing Terms & Types

I want to customize my game a little more, so I decide to tackle the following:

  • Game Message Terms
  • Game Types
    • Elements
    • Skill Types
    • Weapon Types
    • Armor Types
    • Equipment Types

Defining these within the theme of my game will help my RPG Maker game stand out even more.

First, I'll talk about the Message Terms, then we'll take a look at the various Game Types.


Customizing the RPG Maker Message Terms

First, I bring up the Terms database and just go line by line in the various areas and change them to align with my theme.

I like sci-fi, so I'll change "Quests" to "Missions", and "Level" to "Rank" for instance.

I won't be using magic, but I will be using Tech so I'll change "MP" to "Tech".

I changed the "Item" menu into "Inventory" because it's more old-school and I like it, and I converted "Info" into "Character Info" to make it clearer.

I want to think of a Term for "Key Item", for now, I will just call it "Mission".

There will be other modifications as I go along, but this is a good start.

Some of My Custom Terms
rpg maker terms 

For reference, I've put my custom Terms alongside the default Terms.


Customizing the Game Types

What are "Types"?  In terms of RPG Maker, Types refer to in-game items, skills, and damage categories you can use to divide up various aspects of your game into groups or themes that make sense.


Elements are normally used for different damage types you will have in your game.  This lets you make characters and monsters either susceptible or resistant to different damage types.

For my game, I need sci-fi Damage Types, like Vacuum, Extreme Cold, Extreme Heat, Laser, Plasma, and so forth.

Skill Types

Skill Types are used to categorize Skills into groups.  Use this to restrict which Skills can be used by which Classes.

Skill Types set to something other than NONE can be restricted by Class.

For instance, everybody should be able to use the Attack skill, but only Medics should be able to use the Field Surgery skill.

Weapon Types

Weapon Types are used to group weapons into different categories.  This lets you restrict which classes can use which weapon types.

For my sci-fi game, I need categories for laser guns, plasma guns, blade weapons, and slug guns (chemical cartridges).  I might need something separate from knife fighting that's just for bludgeon weapons like clubs and stunsticks, so maybe a Melee weapon would be a good Type.

Armor Types

Use Armor Types to create different categories of armor.  You can then restrict which Classes have access to which Skills.

Aside from regular armor that anybody could wear, sci-fi games also have spacesuits, exoskeletons, and powered combat armor.  I'll need Armor Types for those classifications.

Combat armor and space suits will need relevant Skills and/or Classes in order to equip them.

Equipment Types

Use Equipment Types to create different categories of items that you can use, wear, or equip.

Equipment Types gives you places to "mount" or "equip" items in-game.

I don't know if I will be using Shields or Accessories in my game, but I will go ahead and leave them for now.

Some of My Custom Types
rpg maker terms 

 I've put my custom Types alongside the default Types so I can keep the originals for reference.


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Your Turn.  What Do You Do?

Do you have any tips for creating good, themed Terms and Types?

Please share with us in the Comments section below. I want to know how you handle Types and Terms in your games.


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