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Easy Ways To Help Support Your Favorite Content Creator

Wish there was more quality sci-fi gaming content in the world?  There are ways you can help independent content creators, without spending a penny.  Check out all the easy ways you can help support sci-fi RPG content creation!

It's Easy To Help Support Indie Content Creators!

Easy Ways You Can Help Support Sci-fi RPG Content Creation

It's hard to make a living as an Indie Artist, but it's been my lifelong dream to make a living at creating sci-fi gaming content.

If you like what I'm doing and would like to see more, here are some ways you can help me directly and indirectly:

Become A Patron In True Traveller Style - Patrons help fund the adventures of space-faring travelers.  You can become a Patron in true Traveller style by joining me on Patreon.  Join with other lovers of sci-fi and gaming to pitch into a fund that helps me generate more sci-fi gaming content.  You get some goodies and a Noble Title on the Traveller RPG Headquarters Discord Server (currently at over 300 users).  The more patron support I get, the less I have to work at my regular job and the more I can dedicate my time to generating content.  You can be my patron for as little as one month, or you can help fund my ongoing production of quality sci-fi content with a monthly pledge.  Help support indie producers like me!

Purchase My Sci-fi gaming Content From My Web Site - If you purchase directly from me at my CyborgPrime online store, I keep 100% of the revenue.  Your content remains in our library for you to download any time - and when I update versions you get those for free.

Purchase My Sci-fi Content From My Online Partners - If you are already a customer of DriveThruRPG or the Roll20 Marketplace, you can conveniently purchase my product line through their online catalog.  I collect 70% of the revenue generated through these sales.

Purchase From My MakeYourOwnRPG Web Store - Looking for some old-school Realm Crafter support, expansions, and animated models?  Check out the MakeYourOwnRPG Store.

Purchase Early Access To My Video Games - If there is a game preview you like on my site, please consider supporting its development by purchasing early access.  Video games take a lot of time to program and create art assets.  It would be great if I could get some help covering the costs of art asset packs from indie artists which run $10-$50 each.  

There are other expenses involved as well, like the costs of the authoring software, plugins, 3D models, and so on.  When you purchase early access, it helps me cover those expenses, and it gives you a chance to give input on an advisory level to help shape the final game. 

Make Purchases From My Affiliates- When you make purchases through any of my Affiliate Partners, they pay me a small commission for referring you.  This is paid by my Affiliate Partner at no cost to you and generally ranges between 2%-5% of your order.

Affiliate Partners Include:

* If you bookmark these links with my built-in affiliate code and use them when you place your order, I'll get a small commission for the sale.

Maybe consider doing some Christmas shopping with the above links?


Ways You Can Help Support Me For FREE

There are ways you can help me that doesn't cost anything but a moment of your time.

Subscribe To My YouTube Channel - It costs nothing to subscribe to the CyborgPrime YouTube channel.  When you like and subscribe, you tell YouTube's algorithm to push that content more often.  That means other sci-fi fans will be able to find it easier, you will get notifications when I make new videos, and it will also help me advance to channel monetization at 1,000 subscribers.  I'm about 1/4 of the way there now.

Subscribe To My Facebook Page - If you are on Facebook, why not join my Traveller RPG Headquarters Group and my CyborgPrime Author's Page?  It costs nothing to like and join. 

Sign Up For My Newsletter - You can sign up for my opt-in newsletter from the footer of any page on the CyborgPrime Website website.  

Download My Free Stuff - I offer a variety of demo items in my store, including illustrated Scout Ship Deck Plans For VTT, character counters, blank subsector maps, and MORE!  Share them around with your friends!

Use My Traveller Calculators To Support Your Game - I offer a variety of Traveller Referee and sci-fi RPG GM tools, like free sci-fi loot generators, starship mortgage calculators, hit location generators, and more.  More hits to my pages and longer interaction times tell Google to promote my page more often.

Promote My Content On Your Site - If you like an interview I did, a piece of art I made, an article I wrote, or an adventure or deck plan that made you happy, you are welcome to link to it from your web page or mention it in your blog or YouTube channel.  That helps give you content for YOUR pages and helps us BOTH get more hits.

Here are my main channels of output:


Thank You!

No matter how you choose to support sci-fi content creation, even if you can't support what I'm doing now, I thank you for the time you took to read this little article.  

Thanks for all the support you have shown me so far!  I hope to continue making EVEN more content than before.


Open A Communication Channel

What kind of sci-fi RPG content would you like to see me produce more of?  Adventures?  Maps?  Adventure seeds?  Pre-rolled characters?  Video games?

Tell me about it in the Comments Section.  I'm interested in what you have to say about sci-fi RPG content demand.


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