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dueutil discord bot quest generator

Quest Designer for DueUtil Discord Bot

Use this DueUtil Quest Designer to help you easily set up exciting quests for your Discord users.  Just fill out the form and copy the command string then paste it into your Discord server.

DueUtil Quest Designer

*Quest Name (Min 3 Characters)

Quest Name is empty

Quest Name is too short

*Quest Base Attack Value (Min 1)

Quest Base Attack is empty

Quest Base Attack cannot be less than 1.0

 *Quest Base Strength Value (Min 1)

Quest Base Strength is empty

Quest Base Strength cannot be less than 1.0

*Quest Base Accuracy Value (Min 1)

Quest Base Accuracy is empty

Quest Base Accuracy cannot be less than 1.0

*Quest Base HP Value (Min 30)

Quest Base HP is empty

Quest HP cannot be less than 30

Quest Name Prefix (optional)

Default: Battle a

Quest Weapon (optional)

Default: None (Weapon must be listed in shop)

Quest Image Link (optional)

Default: Crossed swords

Quest Spawn Chance (Optional, Max 40)

Default: 21%

Spawn Chance cannot be more than 40

Quest Channel (Optional)

Default: all
Player Level Required For Quest (Optional)
Default: All

Quest Command:


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What's Next?

Now that you have set up quests, check out this article on how to make Weapons.

What is DueUtil? 

DueUtil is a Discord Bot that lets you set up a quest game where users can buy items in a shop, fight level-scaling monsters, collect pets, fight other users, and customize their game profile.

Find out more about this Discord Bot here:


Your Turn. What Do You Do?

Did you find this DueUtil Quest Generator useful?

Tell me about it in the Comments Section.  I'm interested in your feedback.


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