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Core Game Dev: 3D Assets Now Available In Our Store

Looking for quality Core Templates?  Save time by using our "Drag-n-Drop" templates to speed up Core Game Engine development time.

Core Templates Now Available

Each quality model is painstakingly hand-crafted by expert 3D artist and animator Frank Succardi of CyborgPrime Games.

From 3D kit-bashed props to fully interactive 3D models, you'll find a variety of helpful items to speed up your Core Game Engine development.

Use the templates in your projects, or deconstruct them and learn more about how they are built so you can build your own.

You'll find both FREE Community Content and premium content as well.  Proceeds from sales go to support the continued development of this site.

Sample FREE Core Templates

core template carrot

3D Food: Carrot

core template collection of cheeses

3D Food: Cheese


core template red apple

3D Food: Apple

core template baked bread plus sliced bread

3D Food: Baked bread


core template bell pepper collection

3D Food: Bell Peppers

core template ankh collection

3D Props: Ankhs


You can find more of our Core Templates Here.


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Please share with us in the Comments section below. What kinds of Core Game Engine templates would you like to see in our store?


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